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You don't want just an A record, you want an SRV record for minecraft. To connect with whatever.domain.tld to your minecraft server add _minecraft._tcp.whatever.domain.tld. IN SRV 0 5 minecrafts_port_number yourminecraftserver.domain.tld. and then yourminecraftserver.domain.tld. IN A servers.ip.address It looks like taking a detour but ...


Ok zerohedge it sounds indeed like you're a little confused. To help clarify, what you are trying to do is setup an independently hosted website running Wordpress and to use a subdomain for this. Ideally you would follow these steps: Setup website hosting for myproject.mycorporation.com (avoid using a different domain such as mydomain.io), you will not ...


Your CNAME should be www.bracketfanatic.com pointing to bracketfanatic.com. But that may not be the only thing you need to set. DNS does not normally control redirects, however, there may be something we are not aware of that the host is doing. Make this change and see if that does not solve your problem. If not, then we will have to look further.

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