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forward option 301 in GoDaddy I assume this is the Forwarding without masking option as detailed on the GoDaddy support page? In which case, they do state part way down that page: If you want your visitors to be able to go to your domain name with or without the www prefix, you need to forward your domain name to use www.


You need to create a cname record for www pointing to your main A record. It looks like the website unavailable may be coming because you are missing a cname for WWW in your godaddy dns records.


I have am not too familiar with the GoDaddy option except that we get this question from time to time. It seems this option is somewhat limited. I cannot answer to GoDaddy, but I can offer this. You can create a blank site with your web host and use .htaccess (assuming Apache) to redirect both mydomain.com and www.mydomain.com to my-new-domain.com. ...

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