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You can use simple text file to simulate real database. If folder = album, then store order of images in text file in each folder (same file name, for example: order.txt.db). Possible file format: single line of text that you need to parse after reading from file (for example: file1.jpg|file2.jpg|file5.jpg|file3.jpg) -- it is easy to parse if you select ...


They use cookies to identify the user, and will link this to their database in order to know what is in their cart. This can be demonstrated by how having items in your cart will not transfer between different browsers (which do not share cookies), and also how if you clear your cookies (specifically one they set called session_id), then your basket will be ...


A programming option would be to store the image order in the EXIF data of the jpg files. There's a UserComment or ImageDescription property you could use - assuming that these weren't already used in the image of course. This will be slower than using an external file/database or changing the names or timestamps of the files, but it is self contained.


Have you looked at Freebase? It looks like it might accept datasets, although you wouldn't build a website there; the data would be accessible through their existing site.


Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about offline search, or querying a server ? If you have a server, you're probably good to go with a SOLR server + querying it with jQuery.ajax calls. If you're looking for an offline solution, you can either do iterative regex lookups or use something along the lines of fullproof http://reyesr.github.com/fullproof/


The first thought I have is that if a few reloads are causing a problem, then you are certainly doing something wrong somewhere. You should never be making connections to other sites on every page load as that sucks for user experience in the first place, regardless of reloads. Furthermore you are at the mercy of other sites always being up and running and ...


a few answers to get started: Using "cloud" is more hype than useful at the moment. You should have basic servers somewhere stable and running, with full backups several times a day, and configure your software so that you can expand it with several cloud computers during peak times if needed. Cloud computers are not very fast and they start to get very ...

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