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You said the links on the homepage change every day. That would give us the answer. That means either that the script has a large list of links that it pushes one to the homepage in random or it access some external source for links. If the second is the case, prevent all external http requests that your script is generating (by disabling curl or any similar ...


Have you checked that Google Spreadsheets doesn't already do what you want? It would certainly allow a spreadsheet to be edited from anywhere and by multiple users. You may also be able to use their api to extend what it is being used for.


I believe what you are asking is how will search engines find your content without it all being linked to from your home page, because your site is mainly search driven. The obvious and best answer would be an XML sitemap. Generate a sitemap from your database on regular intervals to keep Google up to date about all of your content. Some more info about ...

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