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Asking for a state would require a new field in UI and DB that is filled only on Americans. I'd like to avoid it, since the state can be determined by the ZIP code that has to be entered, too. You're basically relying on another database if you're trying to get a state from a zip code. That would add a bit more latency to your web application because ...


There are fringe cases where zip codes can actually cross state lines. Amazingly stupid, but true: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_code#By_geography Following trends blindly might be bad UI design but bucking them without a healthy dose of paranoia is a bad idea too.


Note that having this sort of sub-federal jurisdiction above the level of a municipality happens in many countries, not just in the US (e.g Australia, Canada, China, India, Mexico...) To answer your question, you (modiX) need to understand why one would ask for the state (or province or territory). There are two primary reasons: If you need to use ...

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