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Fixed it. Changed the width from 112% to 111.5% The bug was w/ .msg { clear:both; overflow:hidden; z-index:333; position:relative; width:111.5%!important; height:auto; margin:0 -6% 1% -6%; padding:2% 2% 2% 2%; text-align:center; }


Yes, in the latest version there is a feature called Layouts which is available by default and lets you drag and drop components in a custom layout. A layout is made of rows and columns, and you can map them to a custom grid framework like bootstrap. Then, with the Layouts module you can create Blueprints which are reusable layout elements. So as layout is ...


Potentially, any external stylesheet is render blocking. For the browser to render the page correctly, all the HTML and all the relevant stylesheet(s) need to be loaded. (A stylesheet is not "relevant" if you are using media queries and the condition fails.) The browser does not render the page when only the HTML and embedded/inlined styles are loaded. It ...

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