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Yes. Everything you ask for is possible. And here's an example XML sitemap file generated by the Drupal XML sitemap module with a little bit of configuration. Everything is done for you out of the box. http://softkube.com/sitemap.xml If you check the code of the XML file there's a link to an XSL and inside that file you can see the code with references to ...


Of course. XML is just XML and can be served as XHTML by using XSL if you wish and styled with CSS.


I don't think css is going to help you for making the blurry ones clearer. Pretty much you have a lower resolution on the "blurry" images...anytime you blow it up, it will be blurry. Of course, since they are 100x100...you can indeed make the others that size as well to match (I think its too small though personally). Is there anyway you can just get a ...


why is using multiple consecutive line breaks in HTML considered a bad practice Because it breaks the fundamental principle of separation of concerns: by mixing the "content" and "presentation" layers. By using multiple <br>s to create "margins" you are embedding the presentation in the content. To change the "margins" you need to change the ...


Because a line break is used to break a line and not add margin. The effect may appear the same but the semantics are not. If you want a margin on a div, use "margin". You have people who turn CSS off? I doubt that. You have visitors with javascript turned off? Those who know how to do that are the same who know what to expect as a result.


No.... image sprites are not good for photos and complex pictures. This is because the file size would simply become far to big and would delay the page from loading and increasing the time it takes for users to see any content. Sprites are good for basic template styling images that get reused across the site, this for many reasons is because it becomes ...

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