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@import is a big mess regarding the page's loading time. After you get CSS things done, your client comes with the loadtime optimization idea and at the latest there the question about getting rid of @import will rise again. Firstly i would try to replace @import with < link>. Then try with dev-tools to pin down, which classes are in conflict. After that ...


Mostly its not the issue of browser, but of the font. the answer semms to me to be simple: creators of the fonts you use haven't created optimal Umlaut letters. There are many fonts: some of them are good with Latin characters, and very bad with Cyrillic, or good with Cyrillic and bad with Scandinavian umlauts. All fonts done by people - some of them ...


I did not add any viewports, so I did some research and added this view port <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> This sorted my problem. Thanks guys for the help.

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