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You should resize an image manually, rather than using styles to resize it. As reducing the file size will improve your download and load speed. Additionally, the effect of resizing an image via styles on rendering performance is small but present (at least when using background-image) From


Google state that if you fail to distinguish your links then "your content becomes less useful". So, if your aim in SEO is to provide useful content, then yes - it can affect SEO. Google's SEO best practices specifically state that you should : Format links so they're easy to spot Make it easy for users to distinguish between regular text and the ...


There is a performance difference between the two, using background-size: 100%; is not supported for Android 4.3 Browser and below. Also, background-size percentage values are not properly supported for SVG images on Safari. Also, iOS Safari has long had very buggy behaviour with background-size: cover. All this info is from the excellent Can I Use... ...

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