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It's not quite true that Sugar isn't free, they just push the commercial options much more. (Most open-source projects with commercial options do this.) The Community Edition is free, though the commercial editions do have additional features(again fairly standard practice). The main Open Source page has a PDF with detailed comparisons you can use to ...


If you are searching a simple tool for your tasks, you should have a look at kanbanflow.com. I use this tool also very often and it's free. I would use Outlook's Journal feature for keeping track of all costumer actions. I am working on a tool which can do all things you mention in one, but it's only a very early a


Doesn't zendesk do this? When I open a ticket at chargify.com I receive the ticket email. I then get an email letting me know who (which rep) my ticket was assigned to. When I get a response or check my ticket to add or reply to, on the right hand side I see the image (avatar) of my rep and his name. When my rep answers my questions in his signature he ...


After trying out 20 different solutions I sticked with Feng Office, which has all I need. It just works without any bugs, has a usable GUI (which I may use in the browser I favor) and it's free (although the download is bit hidden).

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