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We get these questions a lot!! Make sure you have not created these links by accident by doing an audit. You can use ScreamingFrog or SEO Powersuite for this. You can use both in trial mode. ScreamingFrog will report on 500 pages in trial mode and SEO Powersuite will spider all pages and report on 1/3rd. You can opt to purchase a license too. Both are ...


We have redirected all non-existing pages to home page. It was fine for some days. That's a bad idea because if search engines indexed all those now non-existing URLs that were working several days ago (or whenever the links did work), then people who use the search engines will be misled because they will show what is in their cache to describe the ...


Redirecting urls which should respond as 404 to the home page are considered to be soft 404s. Return a true 404 response. They will be noted in Google's Search Console, though you can marked them as fixed and generally they wont bother you again unless recrawled. Soft 404s

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