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Just add a . character at the end of the value. ie for the given example use value


You may have the same address but http and https work on different ports and should return different things unless they're configured otherwise. This is a server or Wordpress mis-configuration and I don't know anything about Microsoft crap so I can't help with that either.


Ok so for inbound mail you need to have your MX record set properly in your domain. This record tells anybody who wants to send you email where to send it. As you use WHM to handle your email you need to ultimately get it to point to your cloud server's IP address (IP A) but MX records can only point to domains and not IP addresses so you want to have a ...


the "Paper Lantern" theme for this one new account looks like an old X3 theme. It sounds like you are seeing the "Retro" style of the "Paper Lantern" theme. (This does look very similar to the default ("root" style) X3 theme.) If this is the case then you can easily switch back: "Preferences" > "Change Style" and select "Basic".


I am not sure the cause of this, I have had it happen as well. If you run the following command at the prompt you will delete the current style for that account and it should reset to Paper Lantern if you have it as the current style. # rm -Iv /home/**ACCOUNT**/var/cpanel/styled/current_style If you would like to run it on all accounts # awk -F':' ...


The address you have mentioned is an IPv6 address. It was introduced as a solution to the rapidly dwindling supply of IPv4 address. It has the potential to allow for 3.4×10^38 (that is 34 followed by 38 zeros!) unique device addresses. You may need to speak to your ISP about renting a static IPv4 address to your home internet connection. Adoption of IPv6 ...

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