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It's absolutely fine to use trademarked terms on your website providing you cannot be perceived as passing yourself off as that company... Simply linking to websites using the brand name as the anchor is certainly no cause for concern.


You may add links on your site to your Facebook profile, YouTube page, etc. In that case, this is not a problem of copyright. You may add them if you want to.


Watermark. Pretty much anything else, and I can do a screenshot of the entire page in my web-browser and just crop it. Watermarks need to hit a sweet spot of not offending the user by abstracting the image. While to letting anyone easily fixing them and removing the watermark in an image editor. The more you practice the easier you will find it to hit that ...


Watermarks are excellent. Some image editors allow you to embed copyright data into the image that is extremely difficult to remove since it is interspersed within the image data. You can optionally register this trademark data with a registry though it is not necessary. I have used http://www.smalleranimals.com/thumb.htm to do this for me in the past. It ...


Yes that is a violation. You need permission first, not an opt out system. Among other things you are causing significant additional support costs for the developers. And what value are you adding by hosting the APK rather than just linking to the play store?


I would not design it to look and feel just like Facebook if I where you. There is always a unclear line when it comes to the copyright. If they feel you violate their copyright they can contact you to make changes and if you don't they can take it to the court. Try to make something unique that makes it clear that it is not the Facebook design.

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