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The answer is yes, you paste the Baidu conversion snippet onto page 2 for both versions because Baidu needs to know where the conversion comes from in order to properly notify the system. I've never used the Baidu tracking, but this is how normal tracking system work.


You can use the Google Analytics URL builder Chrome extension for better productivity. It's presented on GA official solutions gallery. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-analytics-url-buil/gaidpiakchgkapdgbnoglpnbccdepnpk


First some Google Analytics terms: Campaigns - The source of paid traffic (such as PPC). Goals - Conversion events To get Google Analytics to attribute conversions to your PPC traffic you need to configure Google Analytics for both campaigns and goals. Campaigns Use the Google Analytics URL builder to build inbound URLs for all your paid traffic. ...


From my experience, a single Facebook conversion tracking pixel works fine to measure the performance of multiple ads. In case you don't trust this answer, feel free to create a conversion pixel for each ad. Don't forget to connect the pixel to the ad. When you are using for instance Google Tag Manager, it's easy to add/remove conversion pixels

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