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An active forum with good quality posts entice users to sign up for a forum. The initial phase of running a forum is tough as it technically lies empty. It creates a catch-22 situation where lack of users create a lack of content and vice versa. You need to hire friends, freelancers to start posting on your forums on a regular basis to get the ball rolling. ...


Can this impact my site negatively? Not usually, for two reasons. One, Google is very aware when a site is using WordPress and the algorithm is smart enough on its own to know the difference between content displayed on a category or tag archive and on the post/custom post type itself. If you really want to be paranoid about this, create custom excerpts ...


Based on a strict reading of Google's webmaster guidelines and definitions it is considered cloaking, it may not have been designed to present alternate content to Google over the users but as it has that effect Google needs to treat it as such.


Per Google's definition, this could be considered cloaking. It really depends on how much the content varies and if it's consistent otherwise. There's bound to be some give but Google is the only one who can tell you if you've crossed it. Check Search Console for any Manual Actions.

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