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Content scraping is always worst techniques in SEO. If you working on content scraping, please come out from this method. surely this kind of content scrapped websites will get penalty from Google.


It's worth mentioning that Panda, a Google algorithm update, deals with this specifically. Sites with large swathes of duplicate content or pages with very little content are penalized quite heavily - the idea is to prevent people who's sole purpose is the ranking of keywords. Each page either has to have a good portion of good, unique content or you need ...


Content Scraping is not at all Good and it is a worst SEO technique (Negative SEO) which will surely harm your website in Panda update. Google will penalize those websites which are following content scraping technique. In Google support page you can find Scraped content Some webmasters use content taken (“scraped”) from other, more reputable ...


You can use the domain A right now if you want. The only issue you can think about is URLs which already existed on your old site on domain A because users could be redirected to the domain B. Make sure you don't have duplicated URLs between your new site and the old one on the domain A.


They have four name servers and different name servers are responding differently to DNS queries. $ dig fsnet.co.uk NS ;; ANSWER SECTION: fsnet.co.uk. 28800 IN NS pridns2.svr.pol.co.uk. fsnet.co.uk. 28800 IN NS pridns3.svr.pol.co.uk. fsnet.co.uk. 28800 IN NS pridns1.svr.pol.co.uk. fsnet.co.uk. 28800 IN NS ...

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