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Set Goals - What is the purpose of the website? What will it try to accomplish? How will it contribute to your cause, bottom line, ego? Site Outline - What content will go on your site? How will it be organized? What will it do? Determine the major sections of the website and break your content down by which section it will be placed in. Wireframe/...


You want to use <article> for Blog posts. Mark Pilgrim has a really good explanation of how to use each tag. He also explains how to mark-up the article just below the list of definitions on his site. This is a fantastic book for learning HTML 5 and CSS. "The article element represents a component of a page that consists of a self-contained ...


If you don't want the search engines indexing your content before you're ready, block them with robots.txt and meta tag.


Don't worry. Google will not punish you for a default namecheap page. It's better though to put up one page of your own with a message about what you will do with the domain name.


For <aside>, think of that like the theatrical aside: the story is put on hold to explain something to the audience, veering off on a tangent for a short bit before returning to the main focus. E.g.: <article> <p>A horse walks into a bar.</p> <p>The bartender says, "Why the long face?"</p> <aside>Not ...

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