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Sounds like you have three parts here: User and authorization management Content classification, profiling and/or authorization (possibly done by "tagging" or metadata) Content management--some CMS handle parts of the above 2 If this setup is core to your business model, consider developing your own setup, though most independent CMS professionals I've ...


The fact that you have to ask wether to use a CMS or build a custom one makes me lean towards to 'just get one that suits you'. I can not give you any advise one that, you will need to do some reasearch for that. Find similar sites and see how they work, what they use. You start from scratch, try to make it the best start ;) About the dedicated server: I ...


This looks like something you will have to create yourself. Most CMS will not fit your needs. As for many databases, you should be ok with just one although you will need many tables within the database.


Drupal can help you achieve exactly this, with its inbuilt user types, permissions, content creation kit and rules module or workflow.


You can see an example Here http://chicagos.co This website has all the keywords and stuff like that, but it does not appear on google even if you type the domain, check the source code. chicagos.co doesn't appear in the SERPs because you are redirecting it to another domain!? chicagos.co does a 301 redirect to chicagospizza.co chicagospizza.co then ...


Google doesn't index or not index a site based on how the site is generated. There is nothing wrong with the code on your site, Google just hasn't found it yet. There are somethings you can do to help - Sign up for Google Analytics and add the tracking code to your site. You should do this anyway as the information is critical to the success of the site ...

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