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This is possible but be aware that Tomcat and Apache would have to be accessed over different port so if someone wanted to access the Tomcat app they would have to access it using the Tomcat port which is port 8080 by default. If you don't want to have the port at the end of the domain (as http is port 80) then you would need to run two separate servers one ...


What you re talking about here is succession planning and is more than simply web hosting but as this is a Pro Webmasters Q&A portal I will stick to that aspect of it. In answer to your question of if you can purchase managed hosting separate to the VPS hosting the answer is that it isn't practical as most managed hosting providers combine VPS hosting ...


There is no way at this point to do that with Linode. Having used them a while back as a provider I believe they sent emails at the time to alert when usage approached 100% of the plan allowance so you could make the appropriate changes to reduce your costings but there is no way in advance to prevent the usage from going over without actually monitoring it.


The biggest mistake you could make at this point is locking yourself into a single network design which becomes harder down the track to scale up or down. Even a single server could technically be classified as a global presence as it can be connected to from anywhere in the world. The best option is to design your infrastructure so that it can scale up and ...

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