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Most of the domain registrars provide this feature. You can manage your DNS records without hosting it. There is no additional cost for it and it can be managed from the dashboard of the provider. Before registering a domain, check with the Sales team if they provide with this feature.


I am a bit confused by the question. However I am assuming that your domain name is hosted within a DNS service and your site is hosted with another company. This is not uncommon. GoDaddy allows this just fine. You can host your domain name there and do whatever you want with the DNS settings. I do this. My site is not hosted. Just my DNS records.


We decided to save all xml files zipped to database and get them from there as soon as a bot asks for a specific XML Sitemap. Here are the theoretical steps: Create XML files with 45.000 urls. (45k according to this post) Save every url to database with information in which XML Sitemap it is in. gzip those files (8mb => 400-600kb) save them to a xml file ...

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