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On WordPress install a plugin to do 301 redirects... Yoast SEO and Redirection plugin both do this. They allow you to input the old URLs, and map them individually to the new URL's. I would advised first making a spreadsheet with all your old urls indexed by google, and submitted by your old xml sitemaps.


Changing URLs is very risky. As your website is already established, it is dangerous. Your challenges would be Handling all the external links that leads to your site. Internal Links - Sometimes it is possible to overlook how the content is linked internally & How you can resolve. Is it OK if the traffic goes down suddenly? Because we cant quite tell ...


Depends. Do external sites link to your URLs? Do people bookmark/favorite your URLs? Are you prepared to permanently set up 301 Redirects to the corresponding new URL? Do you get any kind of traffic from that? How does it convert? Becuase the ruling factor in your "change URLs" decision should be that organic traffic. That type of traffic is far better ...

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