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Here's my take on the issue, although I don't have any firm evidence. I don't think there is actually mistrust with PayPal, but instead confusion as to how PayPal works. Most people don't want to give their credit card number to a company for them to store (although they don't realize this is partially what you're doing with any other company). People may ...


PayPal Payments Standard allows users to pay by card even if they don't have a PayPal account. PayPal Express Checkout requires that users have a PayPal account or create one in order to check out. Both services are detailed on PayPal's merchant page. You should use PayPal Express Checkout if: You already process regular card payments with a form on your ...


Multiple pages. I've been burned before by single-page checkouts where I wasn't given the oppertunity to verify my details before submitting the payment. Always give the user the oppertunity to confirm and change their shipping address in a seperate step, as this is what people are used to and expect. Also, the user doesn't have to re-enter 27 fields if ...


Check out some general marketing data on what people do and don't like to give when purchasing online here. As for my own opinion I think Paypal can deter some purchasers and the % seems to go up as the dollar value of the items go up. I think no matter what site you are and what payment method you use, people leave online shopping carts all the time. It ...


Oh, I see now. It's an option within (actually, right near the end) the process of creating your Add to Cart button.


You can use paypal subscriptions for this easily. Paypal website payments standard supports this, allowing you to accept visa, mc, paypal, amex as payment methods for your subscribers. You cannot create a stored button for this, becuse the stored buttons are encrypted with a set amount or subscription profile. You create a standard button. Your application ...


Magento supports all 3 (Full Features List, PDF): Integrated with Amazon Payments (Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay) Integrated with multiple PayPal gateways: Website Payments Standard Website Payments Pro (Express and Direct) Website Payments Pro UK (Express and Direct) PayPal PayFlow Pro Integrated with Google Checkout (Level 2) Supports a lot ...


My bad...it is apparent that the number given in Google Analytics is the 'Unique Pageviews' metric for the basket page, and not the total pageviews, which does account for multiple visits. I.e. if the same customer visits the basket twice in a session, it's only counted once; but (importantly) if they visit in another session, this is counted again.


According to this forum, JVZoo is not a payment processor, it is just a payment gateway that uses PayPal behind the scenes. JVZoo is not a payment processor. Without a payment processor such as Paypal, it wouldn't do anything. It relies on Paypal to process the payments.

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