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The actual concept of Canonical Tags is for Search Engine not for user. 301 Redirect is for Bots and Humans (Users). Put Canonical to these pages http://example.com/tags/sky/page1 not redirect them. Because If you redirect them so User will not access further pages of these SKY tags.


Without 301 redirects, two same pages could be considered like a duplicate for some search engine (there is a life out of google search engine). On the other hand, if you create 301 redirects, any search engines will understand the target page. Still canonical is useful because sometimes bots & scripts add variables like: myvar=blabla at the end of the ...


Short answer Yes. The difference between the two as clearly pointed by this article: 301 – Hey, Search Engines: My page is no longer here, and has permanently moved to a new page. Please remove it from your index and pass credit to the new page. Canonical – Hey, (most) Search Engines: I have multiple versions of this page (or content), please ...


My view would be that it doesn't matter for SEO because I'd be noindexing these pages anyway. Google doesn't want to index your search results in its search results, and it's a great way to get flagged for duplicate content. Concentrate on SEO for the actual content pages and do whatever's best for the user experience for these kinds of category pages.


Canonical url tag should contain the least information possibile to identify the page. If http://www.domain.com/thread.php?1234-a-brand-new-thread/page2 is enough to go to that page, just put this as canonical url. Don't forget to use the rel="next" and rel="prev" tag too. You can even consider a "view all" page if it's easier to implement. Check this ...

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