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This is handled via HTML 5 SrcSet attribute which allows for one single image to have different sources. The problem is that browser support is still lagging, therefore you need to use polyfills or shims to get it to work correctly. As for your CMS, I would suggest having an Original, and then sizing the other images dynamically. If you are on ASP.net ...


To my understanding, rel="canonical" is a page level attribute designed for HTML pages (and PDFs). The goal is help search engines identify the preferred URL for your content. You can find two good discussions: Google's Use canonical URLs Moz's Rel=Confused? Answers to Your Rel=Canonical Questions


If all sites have the same domain, the IP address is largely irrelevant. Search bots readily understand content delivery networks and multiple content. Google treats sites on a domain basis not an IP basis. They do have some logic to identify spamming based on IP ranges and bad neighbors, but if you are just hosting your content, then you don't have to ...

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