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Ideally your browser should always go back through the history of content shown on the page including content which has been added using AJAX. Now historically this has been difficult and has involved using hashtags in the URL and capturing the hashtag using javascript on page load and then re-initiating the AJAX call in question but since the inception of ...


No. The href must point to an absolute URI. Relative is not allowed on a base element. This attribute specifies an absolute URI that acts as the base URI for resolving relative URIs. The HTML5 standard says, in reference to the href attribute of <base>: The document base URL of a Document object is the absolute URL


Its not Google who is redirecting it. Its the browser. Everyone knows .COM domains extension is the most important TLD and most browsers like Opera mini, UC browser, etc. has defaulted .COM domains if extension is not provided. Nothing on your part that you can do to change it except perhaps wait for .XYZ extension to get more popular than .COM ...

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