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One way to prevent this is to use the POST/Redirect/GET pattern. Instead of directly sending a 200 after receiving the POST request, the server sends a 303 (or 302) redirect instead. The client follows it and gets (via GET) a 200 then. Refreshing this page repeats the last GET, not the previous POST. For implementation questions, see the Stack Overflow tag ...


I've used a javascript POST of the form data followed by a js re-direct. Using the back button doesn't cause those forums to be re-submitted.


Each format is intellectual property and requires a license to decode it. Video is much the same, but is further complicated by the fact that a “video format” is actually a combination of a video codec and an audio codec, so in some cases playback requires two licenses. Some of these formats are freely licensed, but others cost big money. ...


Yes they will be excluded. Website visitors have the ability to prevent their data to be used. I also tried to do that via Tag Manager too, but it doesn't work.

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