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Because Microsoft Edge presents a User-Agent string that contains the word Chrome. And, for that matter, Safari. Check out http://whatsmyuseragent.com/ and you'll see something like this: (Emphasis mine) This is deliberate on Microsoft's behalf to fool naïve user-agent checks into thinking that it's not Internet Explorer. Which it isn't.


Sending a non-interaction parameter with the Event hit type seems to keep the sessions at 0. The only issue I see now is that the "New Users" column still has data in it. This does not affect the graph or the total number of hits/sessions/pageviews, but I wanted to note it. The syntax for a non-interaction is 'ni' (boolean) where 1 is non-interaction, and 0 ...


You want Modernizr, a feature based detection library. Combine that with Browsehappy.org, and you should be able to detect when someone is on a browser that can't support your website, and they'll be able to easily either upgrade or move to a better browser.

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