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Enable logging of your visitors in your site , and check whether they are coming from different ipaddress or same. If they are not from same IP then most probably they are genuine traffic


If it is natural, then no issues. But Bounce rate should not exceed 40% and above.


It might already be too late to use this idea since the spammers already know about the form: leave out a critical piece of your form (like the action attribute) and populate it using javascript when the document is loaded. Do tell visitors that the form doesn't work if javascript is disabled and remove this message when the form is set up correctly.


Generally the answer is still no. There are apps nowadays like PhantomJS that make it easier for an automated program to run a browser including JavaScript, however, they are typically slower. It's often much easier to scrape HTML and send direct POST requests. If a bot has problems on one site (e.g. a CAPTCHA) it will just move onto another. So if you ...

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