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AVG is likely picking up on links on the page that have historically spammy anchor text like: Blackjack Casinos Poker Roulette Slots Your "gambling" category resembles the type of SEO spam that is often inserted into hacked sites. Try removing that category and see if the error goes away. If that is the problem, then you could try images rather than ...


The bot is looking for a site that automatically publishes their comments, using a "Black-List" method. Most Webmasters use the "White-List" method and only approve comments they have personally read. If the bot was able to post for example 100 links and Google's bot were to see those links it would give their URL a PR boost, even if you remove the comment ...


Search engines have penalized those actions for years. Do you really need a link on every page? Why not one link on one page like the "About" page for the company?

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