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It's Sounds Like the Banner is for a sales page and it requires link juice to perform higher in serp's (If you want to rank your landing page in google) Nofollow is good for some out bound links but, for every internal link it must be a dofollow link so that the link juice should follow from page to page.


This is actually quite a common practice, be careful though, while it is perfectly acceptable to do this for common mis-speellings of your own domain name to keep your competitors from grabing them as well as your own domain name under multiple TLD's. Where you will encounter problems is with Cyber Squatting. This is where you are registering, trafficking ...


Cloaking is when you show content to a search engine that is different than what you show to a user. Google tests web pages from outside of it's own network and you will never know. If there is a difference between what you show googlebot and users, Google will spot-check more pages for differences. If enough pages appear to have significant enough ...

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