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Search engines are notoriously slow. Bing can be especially. As well, Bing does not index all sites. It has criteria that it uses to include a site. Even then, Bing may not index all pages. It has criteria for that too.

1 Each page needs to be its own canonical, with rel= link pointing to next and/or previous pages. This is often mis-interperated as only page 1 needs canonical. Nope, it's every page as its own canonical. In our stores we append " - Page 2" to the end of the page title so that users coming from SERPS ...


Bing supports the use of the site: filter in the search bar. I just performed a test using Bing and doing a search for a government department in Australia to filter just on departments website for the keyword earthquake. The search string used was earthquake and the results returned was as expected only pages from that domain with the ...

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