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I only see one H1 tag in your pages as well. I'm not sure why Bing is telling you that there are multiple. Even if there were multiple H1 tags, its not a problem that I would take the time to fix. There should be only one <title> tag in a page, but multiple <h1> tags can make sense as headings to equal major sections within the page. Google ...


It looks like you need to block the urls individually under the site configuration options. Or you could add some code to your robots.txt that only allows Bingbot to access the www.example.com.


Vincent_Bing says: The graph is always plotted against your own timezone (as in the time zone on your system). To put this to the test, you can change simply change the timezone on your system and refresh the page - you will see that the pattern will change accordingly.


You think it would be helpful if Bing would at least give a few samples of the suspect pages. But Google does the same sorts of things so don't think it too bad of Bing. It is incumbent upon a site owner to check their links on their sites but that may be too large a task these days with sites growing ever larger and more sophisticated. Here is a tool that ...

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