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Just think about the customer... A one page, dedicated site with information about each dealer is going to please visitors/customers more so than them simply redirecting to your general site. When I put it in that context, it's easy to understand that they should have a one-page site as a 'make do' rather than a 301 redirect.


For 3 reasons. Fast browsing. Modern browsers download resources concurrently from each domain to have faster browsing experience. That's why some of the sites use foobar.com and cdn.foobar.com to split the site assets across few domains. Cookies. Cookies are bad for caching. And they are not needed for serving assets (images, videos, css files etc.) under ...


The practical reason is to control sending of cookies. However, this can better handled by setting the correct domain (and path) on the cookies. This will greatly limit the cookie volumes. One of the reasons I have seen is that someone decides to use thisIsAReallyGoodName.com for some reason. It may seem like a good (marketing?) reason at the time. ...


Static resources are often served from completely separate domains, when the website uses a naked domain (twitter.com for example). In this case, all the cookies set by twitter.com apply also to subdomains. So, if the static resources were served from cdn.twitter.com, the cookies would also be sent to that domain. This increases the network traffic, and ...


If they want content on the sites they own they should put unique content on it. One page is enough. Much better than 302ing to your site.

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