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Isolated cases should not be a concern - if most links are good then the proverbial rotten apple will not spoil the barrel. You should indeed worry if your link systematically appears on such sites, so that the penguin may guess that you put in some work into getting them there. At this point, disavow and manual removal are not mutually exclusive: you should ...


Use proper meta tags and also register your site in google webmaster tools and bing search engine. A meta tag is generated when you register your site in google and bing just copy the same and paste below the head tag.. never worry about page rank.or anu thing else.


In the early days of Google the term PageRank referred to the entire site. Links and link values were calculated on a page-by-page basis creating a score for each page, however, PageRank referred to the total score of all pages and was applied to the site. Today, PageRank is no longer publicly given so any PR score you see on the web is from almost 2 years ...

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