Apple Inc. is an American company based in Cupertino, California, with multiple locations world-wide, that designs and sells a variety of hardware and software, including the iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Macbook, iTunes, iLife, iWork, OSX, and iOS.

Apple is the company that manufactures Mac computers (), the iPhone and iPod touch (), and the iPad (), as well as the operating systems for all of those ( and ).

Apple seeds pre-release developer tools and operating systems under an NDA. Be careful not to reveal facts about these pre-release versions before they are released, and please do not ask questions about them here. For questions about NDA'd topics, see the Apple Developer Forums.

As it doesn't make sense for your application to target Apple the company, consider using tags more relevant to the OS and device/computer you're targeting, or, for tool-specific questions, to the tool you're using or think about using the Apple Stack Exchange Site for your questions.

Possible tags instead of using apple could be:

Operating systems

  • macos (Classic Mac OS)
  • osx (Mac OS X)
  • ios (iOS)


  • mac
  • iphone
  • ipod touch
  • ipad

Developer tools

  • xcode (the IDE)
  • interface-builder (separate application prior to Xcode 4)
  • instruments
  • dtrace (used by Instruments as well as usable separately)
  • shark


Each one exists on both Mac OS X and the iOS unless otherwise noted.

  • cocoa (Mac OS X)
  • cocoa-touch (iOS)
  • foundation (part of both Cocoa and Cocoa Touch)
  • appkit (Mac OS X; part of Cocoa)
  • uikit (iOS; part of Cocoa Touch)
  • core-data (part of both Cocoa and Cocoa Touch)
  • core-graphics
  • core-text
  • core-location
  • avfoundation (iOS)
  • mapkit (iOS)
  • mediaplayer (iOS)
  • osakit (Mac OS X)
  • pdfkit (Mac OS X)
  • imagekit (Mac OS X)
  • carbon (Mac OS and Mac OS X; parts of it have moved to other frameworks and are available on iOS as well, but Carbon itself is not)
  • core-foundation (also on Mac OS, where it is part of Carbon)


Natively supported by Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

(The language bridge used by PyObjC and RubyCocoa does not count as “native” for the purpose of this section.)

  • c
  • c++
  • objective-c
  • objective-c++
  • macruby

Other (bundled with Mac OS X)

  • python (see also pyobjc)
  • ruby (see also rubycocoa)
  • applescript

Other topics

  • app-store
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