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See Apple's software licensing documentation for information regarding the use of Apple's logo with your software. Apple's logo licenses are typically free and require little more than faxing or posting a signed legal document. Additionally, Apple has guidelines regarding where and how each logo or image can be used; be aware of these guidelines. For ...


Logos are covered under trademark rather than copyright, and trademark works a little differently (at least in the US) — as long as you use the mark in a way that has no chance to confuse the consumer to believe that your good or service is really produced by or directly associated with the owner of the mark, you can just use the mark without a ...


I believe that using icons to show OS compatibility would fall under fair use. Just use this logo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Apple-logo.png


I can answer with certainty for Apple: no. iTunes Connect will not permit you even to create the app's record, much less upload a binary. See screenshot. That said, you will likely get away with something like "damnit!!!!" As long as it's not equivalent (whitespace ignored). However I did just now create in the Google Play Console an app called Angry Birds. ...


No. Mobile Safari is the only browser that has ever been offered by Apple for iOS. There are third-party browsers, but even those are required to use the core iOS WebKit rendering engine. The differences they provide are primarily UI-oriented, or things like a "private browsing" mode.


You probably know How to Add Home Screen Icons in Safari for the iPad. What I can't verify right now is if you can add a link to a specific non-html document the same way, but if not, linking to an HTML page that gives a note and redirects automatically after some seconds to the document to initiate the download might work. Like with: <meta ...


/var/named/zones is where the zone files should be kept per this thread. I looked around for a good example of a how the structure should be and actually the best I found on quick review was on wikipedia.


Well, it should not be too hard depending on your level of knowledge of Objective C and Java. If I were you, check out a book called iPhone Programming The big nerd ranch guide by Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass. That should get you going in the right direction for iPhone programming. Android I can not really say as I do not know much about it nor have read ...

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