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Redirects are great for resources that have moved. Instead of a 301 permanent redirect (which would indicate a rename without API changes), I would use a 303 "See Other" redirect.


There doesn't seem to be a standard. The StackOverflow answer leans towards 410 GONE, but I think 301 MOVED PERMANENTLY is more appropriate. To make the correct choice, we have to look at your specific case. If your goal is to have all calls being made to API v1 fail without taking any further action, 410 GONE works for that. If you want some continuity, ...


For data from the last 30 minutes, you have to use the real time reporting API. Google Analytics defines real time as 30 minutes, so that would exactly match your requirements. The real time API supports querying rt:pageviews which is the specific metric you are looking for.

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