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CLick below src=""> On the "Your API Key" Then Developers console will open,ON the top You will see "Enable and Mange API's" Then fill the form you will find your API KEy Developers Console


You will find everything you need to know about the API key on this Google page: Simply scroll down and hit the Get Key button, accept the terms and you'll be ready.


Google has a help document that answers this question: Acquiring API keys Open the Credentials page Click Add credentials > API key and select the appropriate key type: Server keys Create and use a server key if your application runs on a server. Do not use this key outside of your server code. For example, do not embed it in a web ...


Your question, though a little old, is still relevant, and what started out a question about APIs turned into one about duplicate content. If you asking whether using APIs themselves will hurt your SEO, by themselves they wont. However, depending on the implementation, it could hurt SEO, but it probably still wouldn't be the fault of the API ;) As for the ...

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