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Roll back your changes in /etc/apache2/conf-available/localized-error-pages.conf Then use htaccess to create a custom 404 page with the following... ErrorDocument 404 /404.html If that fails then try adding the full path to the 404.html document. @WilliamHarvey


Potentially, having the the same resource accessible on multiple URLs (ie. multiple slashes) is duplicate content. However, whether this is really a duplicate content problem is another matter. For it to be a "problem" the search engines need to be finding references of these URLs before it is going to start crawling them. And it's likely to need a ...


The proper way to make custom error messages is by using .htaccess. First off, make an .htaccess file in your site directory. The syntax is easy: ErrorDocument code path So for example, if you were to build a custom error page for the 404 message, you could use this line of code given the path for your 404 document is 404.html. ErrorDocument 404 ...

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