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you can do like this: Redirect permanent /websvn/ http://websvn.borg.local/websvn/ By the way there some info missing: server type, how you access your web site, mainly. There lot of way to redirect trafic in apache config. PS: http://websvn.borg.local/websvn/ is better than http://websvn.borg.local/websvn http://websvn.borg.local/websvn add an useless ...


Depending on your setup, you need to locate the correct .conf file (like apache-xampp.conf or httpd.conf or apache.conf or phpmyadmin.conf) in your web server installation directory for below lines and then Ctrl+F for phpmyadmin to find something like below: <Directory /usr/share/phpmyadmin> ## The path here will vary depending on your setup and you ...

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