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For those that land on this question where they experience more users than sessions in Audience Overview (I.e. no custom report or hit level dimensions concerned, which seems to crowd out search results when researching this issue) ask this: Are you running events on your website? Are those events on iframes or sub domains? Are you firing events on ...


Quantcast Measure Terms of Service (https://www.quantcast.com/terms/measure-terms-service/) Section 6: Quantcast servers may choose to occasionally respond to any publisher’s Tag by redirecting the browser to a third-party anonymous beacon to support the provision of Quantcast services in market. The decision to beacon is not related to you the ...


I highly suspect this is cookie matching with various audience data/analytics providers and ad companies. It seems to be covered in their privacy policy, albeit fairly vaguely: We may share with third parties Non-PII, including certain Log Data, as part of providing and improving our Measure and Advertise products. For example, we may disclose such data ...


For anyone that stumbles upon this question, Google Analytics now offers Calculated Metrics.


You'll probably want to use GA's measurement protocol. Here is the dev guide on that: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/protocol/v1/devguide You can keep the redirect setup on IIS to send the 301 response, but before sending the redirect use that protocol to send the hit payload.

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