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This tool is not analyzing your whole website but the particular page you give it. So it doesn’t matter how many articles you have or how many images are in them, the fact is there are 83 images on your home page. Same thing goes for “Words and Chars” and “Bolds: (Missing)”. Keep in mind seoptimer.com will only analyze the specific URL you give it, not the ...


If by top 10 posts you refer to most visited pages, once you have opened the view for your website under the Reporting tab: Set the date range (in the upper right corner) to Last 30 days Go to Behavior > Site Content > All pages to get a breakdown of the most popular pages by default metrics. To filter out only blog posts, go to the search bar (just ...


When you try to create one of these shared reports, you're asked for a URL - it's not like someone is uploading a file to be executed. This URL is specified to be from Google Analytics directly. Hence the reports cannot contain malware as such.


May be common sense and so no one posted but I'll suggest it anyways. You can create a confirmation page [auto download] that directs a download visitor to after the file has been clicked.It works for us because we only have a handful of files so might not work for all. Example: Page to download application file is actually just a link to another page. ...


you can accomplish this on different ways: if you copy your profile, where the filters are applied, all filters are copied with it this basic addon by analytics edge does the job too (and some other useful things) this greasemonkey script does the job exactly as you described it

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