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The solution that has been working for me, is to check for the appearance of a specific DOM element's appearance in view. For instance, you may have a #comment element after the article content. So check for its appearance in the view since there is no way the user can get to it unless they scroll the page or jump to that section of the page. You can ...


Google Analytics is based on JavaScript running on the client whereas CloudFlare's numbers are based on how many requests they get for each resource. Analytics is more likely to be showing legitimate users running full browsers, whereas CloudFlare's requests could be coming from bots or other sources


You would actually have to host your blog on a different domain for Google Analytics to consider traffic from it to be external referrer traffic. Google Analytics considers all referrer traffic from the same domain name to be "internal" traffic and does not list it in the acquisition reports.


This is just a quick answer: You could simply place the content in a div with a height or width (which ever you need) that clips the content at say... 50% of the article height with overflow:hidden; then add a simple button with javascript to animate the height/width property to its full size... or add overflow:scroll; or a few other methods... anyways onto ...


These are just bots abusing your email contact form, bots do that all the time and most of them have javascript (by java I think you meant javascript) disabled, it's one of the methods to identify bots, to check if they have javascript enabled or not. But of course it's not bulletproof either. Instead you should analyze your server logs, if you want to ...

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