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One thing to check - is it blank because it doesn't exist? With Amazon Linux it would seem that /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf doesn't exist - at least not at that location. Even if you sudo vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf, you won't be able to save it because it doesn't exist.


I looked into Elastic Beanstalk but decided not to use it. My reason was the additional learning curve that would be associated with it. My web application needs a large number of software packages installed, many with specific versions (tomcat, java, firefox, mysql, lots of utilities). To get Elastic beanstalk machines into the correct state requires ...


I'm afraid I couldn't help you with the complications of setting up a Postfix mailserver, however with regards to your questions about the DNS records: The MX record you have created looks fine, provided that you have checked that (a) you have no other MX records with a priority less than 10, and (b) you have definately also got an A record setup for ...


I generally set up a sub-domain name, though it is not necessary. The sub-domain name does not matter. I use mail, but titan is perfectly fine. You want to either set up your sub-domain name using either a CNAME pointing to mydomain.com.au or as an A record just like mydomain.com.au. Either way you chose, it does not matter. Next you would set up a MX record ...

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