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There is nothing in Alexa's reports that is important. It may be useful to compare websites in the same niche, country, etc. But overall, you should definitely not be relying on Alexa for anything important, especially analytics.


In 12 years of doing this, I have never used Alexa for anything and I don't know why anyone would. I think even YSlow has been abandoned but I could be wrong. The best tools are from Google PageSpeed and Chrome or Firefox dev tools along with


What it does mean is that the Alexa Rank being shown is either wrong or useless. The site must be fairly new with very low traffic. At low traffic, Alexa has doesn't have many data points (based on tool bar installations) and hence data tends to be off. Ignore Alexa.


We talked about Alexa here on Webmasters a lot. Alexa is useless and relies on users using their toolbar. It has junk metrics and unreliable data. I advise you not to consider Alexa ranking in any terms. Still, I'm not sure why do people use it, it's total gibberish.


Alexa rank is the worst representation of growth in terms of SEO Alexa rank is the best representation of the growth in usage of the Alexa toolbar. Your website's rank in Alexa is determined by the number of users browsing your website with the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. When it comes to SEO, it means nothing.


Short answer: Definitely no. Alexa a very bad representation of growth especially for small sites. We run a couple of sites and the numbers are way off especially when the traffic is low. Like the executives in your company, there are a lot of people who want easy metrics to gauge (as opposed to "correct metric") and hence the popularity of Alexa. Alexa ...

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