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I faced simillar kind of problem for one of my website. Try https://prerender.io/


It turned out to be a bug in Google image search I think. There by I changed the site script to checked the HTTP_USER_AGENT and if it is not Google or Yahoo or msnbot it will load in Ajax even if the _escaped_fragment_ is detected in the url. This is a sad solution. not going to mark it as the correct one.


I have no clue if this is going to work well, but neither have I if it's about AngularJS and SEO in general. There is very little evidence it works the way it is supposed to do. I would suggest leaving PhantomJS in the dark, it is known to have issues and is not very lightweight. Also considering you don't want to write/set up a backend I would use Firefox ...


I think that you may be interested in this article: Design AJAX-powered sites for accessibility. It's a very basic article, but it should give you some pointers about what to do and what not to do. AJAX should be used to improve the experience on specific pages and elements of the site, but not to build a whole site. For the user perspective, it's a bad ...

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