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Stephen Ostermiller is correct. But I would like to add this for your understanding. Clicks on ads depend highly upon the relevance of the ad to the interest of the user. This is a difficult thing to do and has little to do with your site at times but rather the ad network. I do not know Chitika, but it is their job for their advertisers to deliver ads that ...


You have no revenue because you have zero clicks. Like many ad networks, Chitika pays only for valid clicks. They don't pay per impression. To get revenue, a user that sees the ad has to click on it.


This is in reference to the Action tab inside the Events dialog. Take a look at this picture: Don't use those settings and you should be in the clear. This is straight from GWD team member: In the Events dialog of GWD, there is Google Ad section in the Action tab. Some of the items don't work with AdWords environment such as timer. Also if you set ...


You can buy remarketing ads from within AdWords. Here is an article that explains how to do so: Log into AdWords Visit the "Campaigns" tab From the campaign folders list, select "Control panel and library" Select "Audiences" Create a new audience Name the list and add a description Set the time period from which the users have visited your site (default ...

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