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Did you receive this message in your AdSense account in April month "Your site's mobile-friendliness is now considered as a Google Search ranking signal." After applying this changes all adsense users getting lower RPM. Maybe your website is not mobile friendly.


Given that in most cases ads are delivered based on a person's search and browsing history, every person will likely see different ads at different times.


I created multiple Ad units of the three most popular sizes (recommended by Google) and then worked out my design for where placement could alternate. Skinny tower vs wide tower, small vs large banner, small vs large box. Like Joshua recommends I ran these with rotate, each add would toggle it's choice in the desired location. For each test iteration I ...


DFP has an option for "Allow creative size to differ from ad unit size". Here is the help page that describes how to use it With DFP Small Business, you can target smaller creatives to a larger ad unit (example: a 120x600 creative in a 160x600 ad unit) without the ad displaying extra white space. You can also target larger creatives to smaller ad units, ...

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