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I've had this problem myself. The only solution appears to be to create a separate Google account. Google does have the AdWords My Client Center that can be used to manage multiple AdWords accounts, but you can only sign up for it if you don't already have an AdWords account. I use my browser's private browsing features to sign into the separate ...


Your goal is excellent, and I think the approach you are looking for is already existent in CSS as @media and display. One option HTML <a href="#" class="menu_links"><span class="hidetext">Graphic </span>Design</a> CSS @media screen { span.hidetext { display: none; } } @media aural { span.hidetext { display: inline; } } ...


I don't think your site can be penalized for this even if it's not a good practice. However, you should know this kind of practice on the entire link is not allowed at all. Indeed, Google penalizes when an entire link is hidden for users but not for Googlebot. You can read the Google support page for more details.

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