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OK after looking at the stats from GA, it looks like this is actually taken into account. GA takes the total revenue from all the A/B sessions and then works out and average from all the sessions for comparison together. This includes any sessions which ended with a £0 transaction, i.e. no sale. So by default, the comparable stats take into account possible ...


Google has written a blog post at on the best way to handle indexing with A/B testing and multi-variant testing such as what you are doing. The first thing to note in the article is that cloaking is still not allowed even during testing. It doesn't look as though any of their ...


The answer to this is largely going to be down to opinion without more data. It's worth looking into P-value calculations if you want an unbiased, scientific answer. I would say that with such a low conversion rate, you'll want to run the experiment on a larger scale to gauge the differences. The current result is not statistically significant.

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