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If the root (/) 301 redirect to /en/, Google will most probably consider your homepage is http://www.example.com/en/ and there is no problem not to have a root (/) page. Regarding Google guidelines for multilingual sites, you can use this method to separate languages on your site.


From an SEO point of view, no, it's not a problem for your page to have no root. Search engine's index URLs, it doesn't matter if they're in subfolders or not. However, from a user-experience point of view you really shouldn't assume that anybody who lands on the root of your site wants to see the English version. Let's say a Japanese user tells one of ...


Using change address in Google webmasters should reflect this. Also have you submitted the new sitemap XML from the new domain. Lastly I would try doing a Fetch as Google from the new domain. Full details present here https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/83105?hl=en


The robots.txt is OK, there is no need for the Allow part, but that is still OK. Although the domain has been registered some time ago, the content doesn't seem to be very old, or the site has almost no activity, so I'll assume that is being built or rebuilt recently. The lack of content and the time when you sent the sitemap to the crawlers affect the ...


You might still be able to get a decent amount of your old URLs from 3rd party SEO tools, something like Majestic, perhaps. Output their data to Excel, put the output of a crawl of your current site in another sheet, then use VLOOKUP or similar to clean current URLs out of the 3rd party data. If you need to resort to Wayback Machine, it is possible to write ...


I've worked on sites like this before where large sites were moved without redirects by people not understanding how redirects work. I had to use context clues found in the sites linking to the old version of the website to redirect the old URLs to the current ones. In one case the URLs weren't even friendly and that became a difficult task. I divide the ...


Following on from comments... since you are wanting to completely remove these pages from Google's index then simply redirecting (301) them (as requested in your original question) is not necessarily the correct thing to do. Redirection is saying that the page has moved. Yes, Google is likely to drop the original page from the index... eventually, but that ...

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