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It takes weeks for Google and other search engines to de-index pages and even longer for a website, which would in time would hurt your rankings. The only thing you need to do is return a status 503 rather than a 301 to 404. This is the definition of the 503 status code from the RFC that defines these status codes: The server is currently unable to ...


RewriteRule ^login$ /login.php? [L,R=301] You need to remove the ? on the end of the RewriteRule substitution. This is effectively creating an empty query string, removing anything that is passed in the request. RewriteRule ^login$ /login.php [L,R=301]


The canonical link type is not supported by all user agents, and even if a user agent supports the canonical link type, it may decide to ignore it, so users would end up on the "wrong" URL. So a 301 redirect is preferable. This is also the recommendation of the canonical RFC: Before adding the canonical link relation, verification of the following is ...


No its not same. Google will count img01231 as <ALT> or <title> name for new image. Basically 301 redirect passes link juice not such things.


Its a slightly longer process that the 3 options you've suggested, although still doable. Blogspot won't allow 301 redirects, so you can't simply redirect the whole site + link juice. You will need to tell Google that the duplicate content (i.e. your new site - assuming you have copied all content over already) is the most relevant. You do this using the ...


RewriteRule ^test-music\.html$ /music/ [L,R=301]


Very easy, this is something you can easily find and figure out yourself. # Check if the url STARTS WITH (is what the ^ does) '/test-music' RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/test-music # redirect it, 301 style, Last line (we go away, no need to do the rest of the htaccess) RewriteRule ^(.*) /music/ [L,R=301]

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