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Will you lose SEO value? 301-headers will transfer all* SEO value from the naked version to the www version, you have nothing to worry about, as long as the pages keep existing (which should be the case if you only switch to www.). Don't forget sitemaps, and other XML files which might contain your domain. * I've read about loosing the tiniest bit due to a ...


Using 301 permanent redirects from one domain to the other is your better option. In fact, "domain parking" won't achieve what you want at all. Parking a domain generally means that the registrar will put up its own page there. That page will generally say "coming soon" and have advertisements for the registrar's services.


Google considers redirecting content that is no longer available to be "soft 404". They would like to be able to treat the page the same as a 404 page. If you redirect the expired page to your home page, Google will identify it as a soft 404. It will appear in Google Webmaster Tools as an error. Google won't pass the link juice from inbound links to ...


The ideal scenario is to keep the content so that it's still indexed, even if not useful. I'll explain: I worked on a video website that while worked with user submitted videos, sometimes we received requests to remove them. This lead to a lot of 404's being returned which wasn't good for SEO. We approached a redirect to the homepage but the number was so ...

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