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I am an experienced web developer on a shoestring budget. What free or very inexpensive ways exist to create a website using Adobe Flash?

Even low-level manipulations would be appreciated, like an actionscript compiler, so I could design something basic like an interactive map.

Update: What is OpenLaszlo? Can it compile everything into a .swf or do I still require adobe's tools?

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Both OpenLaszlo and the official Flex SDK are open-source, so basically any good text editor (I'd suggest FlashDevelop on Windows or VM) or IDE can be used to create full-fledged ActionScript projects. If you're mainly interested in point-and-click, design-based environments, though, you may find yourself limited to the relatively expensive Adobe Flash IDE. There have been a few attempts to create alternative IDEs, but (in my opinion) none that come close to offering a full authoring environment. (Check osflash.org for other possibilities, though.)

If none of these options fit your needs, and you just want to make something quick and simple without investing a lot of time and effort, you may find it best to simply hire a freelance developer/designer to create the piece you need.

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You could have a look at SWFTools (or see Wikipedia article). It's a free command-line based SWF file creator/manipulator suite. Windows binaries and *nix source available.

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