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Possible Duplicate:
Why don't TITLE tags get indexed in google?

Hello there,

I have a h1 element on my page which is working great. I have also been using the title attribute on this element which I don't think has been causing much harm at all. My h1 title is "The Great Ocean Road" and the title attribute on that is "Great Ocean Road" - so it's a variation of the h1 text. These are both keywords for the site so i'm hoping it's a good thing for seo.

Is that a bad idea do you think? I'm not sure what Search Engines think about using a title attribute or even if they would 'mark me down' for doing it in such a way. Do you think if the h1 text is "The Great Ocean Road", the title attribute should be "The Great Ocean Road" aswell?

Thank you in advance

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AFAIK, search engines don't index or read title attributes to determine keyword relevance. The title attribute is usually supposed to provide users with supplemental (or "advisory") information on an element. It is commonly displayed as a tooltip (or spoken by an audio user-agent).

Repeating your heading in a title attribute to load your page up with more keywords won't provide your users with any benefits or help you rank better. It might, however, get you penalized for over-optimization (being spammy).

You should use meaningful text that provides useful supplementary info to users if you're going to add a title attribute to an element.

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Ah o.k. I wasn't overly worried about it but but will bear that in mind. I'm just going to continue being honest in terms of overall SEO, that seems to work :) – codemonkey Feb 25 '11 at 16:41

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