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I recently purchased a domain thinkzarahatke.com. At the time of purchasing i selected an option, say url redirect, to my existing site. Further I had entered Naming server detail. But I dint find any other option to change URL rewrite parameters under Domain Name Manager.

From the cPanel of my hosting space, I had added new domain as addon and set a subdirectory for it.

Now If I am trying to access my new domain directly, it is automatically redirecting to my old website. While if i access some inside directory, like thinkzarahatke.com/blog, then i am able to access to my new site.

What wrong i done? Please tell me if i need to do some more settings with addon domain.

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Ok i got the reason. I hadn't put any file in the root of my new domain. So due to some .htaccess rules it was transfering me to my old site.

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