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Is there an easy way to move a blog from wordpress website i.e. at


to my independent domain i.e

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Do you want to actually host the site yourself, or just make it accessible via your own domain? – Bart van Heukelom Feb 20 '11 at 21:00

If you don't mind keeping the site with wordpress.com, you can just get the domain name added to your account. It costs http://en.wordpress.com/products/

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If you're moving to another host with Wordpress already setup, you can export your blog from Wordpress.com and use the Import functionality under Tools->Import on the other end.

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Yes if you mean a redirect from mywebsite.com to mywebsite.wordpress.com. No, not an easy one-step procedure if you want to switch to self-hosted wordpress. Exporting and importing the data is the easy part, if you use any plugins or themes. But it works fine in principle.

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