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How to find web hosting that meets my requirements?

i am running a small project that occasionally requires me to run a php socket script through ssh. it uses a few bytes of bandwidth (just some text) which activates my art installation project.

i tried a simple web hosting plan but that didn't support sockets, so know i am using a 32$ vps plan on just to run a simple php script. i don't really need to host anything else on it. i find it kind of excessive for such a simple thing. is there a place i can run my script for a lower cost? any servers that support php sockets and ssh?

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Have a look at you can find a lot of cheap VPS hosting packages there, often with promotion codes to make the package even cheaper.

You can easily find a VPS for ~ 5$ there, which should be able to run your script but is much cheaper than your current package.

Make sure to buy from a host which has been in business for sometime though, so you don't find your hoster dead in a couple months and to avoid scammers.

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