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Is there a possibility to get competitor website traffic info?

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No you cannot.

You could use Alexia to see statistics based on views by users using the Alexia toolbar. However this data is far from realistic.

Some websites use (free) public tracking facilities. You could check for a little statistics logo on the website (mostly at the bottom) or you could check the HTML source code for statistics related Javascript. However this is mostly used on sites you probably don't care about.

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Let me add a little nuance to Alexia. The bigger (more visitors) the website, the more realistic the data is probably going to be. –  Ropstah Feb 18 '11 at 16:09
You probably mean Alexa - –  Tom Castle Feb 19 '11 at 21:58

No way! But calculating the keyword density and the position of the competitor calculating this things we can get an approximate result

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yes, there is... in a way :)

if they have at least 1 Google product on their page (except Analytics, or they share Analytics data), you can use this:

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Can you give more details? I'm not sure if i know what you mean. Would this work for all sites, or only for sites with ads? –  nthonygreen Feb 21 '11 at 3:46

There are ways to get an idea of where their traffic comes from. Take a look at their meta keywords, if they have them, to see what keywords they may be targetting. Also get a look at the market they are trying to target.

Take a look at their backlinks, too which can also give you an idea of what keywords they are chasing after.

Tools like Alexa can help you get an idea what their market is and what keywords people are using to end up on their site. Don't stop at Alexa either, there are several others such as Quantcast that pick up totally different statistics.

You won't be able to see anything as accurate as their Google Analytics account, but you will get an idea of what they are targetting. Once you do that, go to Google Analytics to see what kind of traffic their keywords get based on their SERP for each keyword.

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You can find important metrics of your competitor at Open Site Explorer

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Here are the services I know of where you can find traffic info, in descending order that I trust their data:

I also like for drilling down on the specific keywords (paid or un-paid) and rankings that are driving traffic.

The following paid services also offer competitor traffic estimates if you can afford $10k per month:

The following article provides an excellent summary of their methodologies and limits of their accuracy:

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you can get site full information for competitor as page ranking, alexa ranking, keywords and domain position, try to check info domain.

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I suggest semrush, seems to have a good accuracy regarding competitor's traffic.

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