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Suppose there is a website at, as proven by google results. Now there is also a domain It aliases to Google doesn't find any directories on that domain. How can I now for sure if (or its subdomains) are used to serve (unspidered)pages or mail? Or can I be 100% sure that it's only use is an alias, just because searchengines don't see it?

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Not entirely sure this is what you are after but you could do a reverse DNS lookup on and see what sub domains are set-up you could then query those domains or attempt to visit them in a web browser to see what content or services they are serving. I use this site for Dns lookups :

As @Rao says if you rewrite all the requests from B to A that is all Google will see.

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MX preference: 10900s exchange: Does this mean that subdomain is being used for webemail? Can I determine wether it is only setup to forward all email to the .org domain? Although all the publicly used email is using the .org domain, that must have a good reason to setup webmail on another domain? – user5396 Feb 25 '11 at 19:46
Hi @newnomad from the info you have supplied it looks as if the sub-domain is being used for email i am not sure how to see if its forwarding the email. – Matthew Brookes Feb 28 '11 at 13:09

For what i understood from you question i have this to share. If you activate the domain alias, but create a .htaccess rewrite to send all domain "B" requests to domain "A", Google should only see a single site.

I personally used it.

correct me if i misunderstood it.

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