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I have purchased a cPanel/WHM web hosting reseller account and I want to set up a site for people to set up a hosting accounts. I also would like to have a domain name registration system on the site, so people can register the domain name they would like to host with me. How can I do this? Are there any ready-made scripts available or should I create my own script using the WHM API?

Thanks a lot.

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Firstly, the domain registrar. For this, you'd be looking at setting up an ecommerce site (unless you want to give away domain names for free), then look at this: (tl;dr: costs $2500 and you have to fill out a load of paperwork)

My suggestion would be to offer name servers for people to switch to (usually if you've bought a reseller account your hosting company will provide this), or you could offer to buy it for people and then invoice (or the other way around).

I did what you wanted for a while, but I found it much easier to set up recurring Paypal payments (insert chosen payment provider) and then just set it up by hand. It only took about 5 or 10 mins per account.

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I would highly recommend going for WHMCS. Ok it is a little pricey but it integrates so tightly with WHM and has so many features you won't need anything else.

It provides a complete customer management system, with module creation, invoicing, online payments, knowledgebase, support ticket system and a domain name registration system allowing customers to purchase a domain name and package and have it set up automatically for them hands free.

It also integrates with all the big name domain resellers. I just sit and let it fire off the reminder emails and watch the customers pay and domains/hosting packages renew.

There is a free trial and I suggest giving it a go. It has completely changed the way I run my business (I was on Helm before and had to invoice manually) and I love it.

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