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I'm basically trying to setup my local website with SSL. All I need to do is certify it, but couldn't find a free way to do it. Most websites, like GoDaddy for instance, charge to certify your website.

Anyway can Ido this for free?

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You can use the sites mentioned in the answers, but it has to be a valid registered domain. You can't use a private domain. –  user33870 Nov 20 '13 at 4:15

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Cacert issues free certificates.

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I'm basically trying to setup my local website with SSL.

How "local" is it?

You can make as many custom certificates as you want for free, without having to use any service. To do this, you would only have to install new trusted root certificates on client computers. If you're talking about a local intranet with only a handful of users, or a home/personal use website, this might be a good option.

Google will help you find instructions on how to generate and add a new trusted root certificate, and generate derived certificates. Here's a link I found for Windows stacks:

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The best I found for free was from instantssl.com: Free for 90 days.

What I used most recently though was a GoDaddy SSL (even though I dislike GoDaddy) with a promo code I found on retailmenot that allowed me to get a 1 year SSL for 12 bucks.

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  1. StartCom issues free signed SSL certificates.

  2. You can create and sign your own certificates from any computer with openssl.

  3. This is not a programming question and doesn't belong on StackOverflow.

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