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Is there any advertising company that allow webmasters to decide on general ad topics (such as "Entertainment", "Autos and vehicles", "Arts", etc.) to be displayed for a user visiting on a website? I know you can choose specific ad campaigns to show to users, or let the advertising company decide for you which ads to show. But I am looking for an option to ask for the advertsing company to show me ads based on categories/topics.



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This may not exactly be what you are looking for but the category filtering feature in Google Adsense lets you block up to 11 categories. So while you may not be able to precisely pick the category you need, you will able to block those you don't need.

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Thanks, I've seen this feature.. however, as you said, I was wondering if there is any service that lets you pick the desired category – user5071 Feb 1 '11 at 12:21

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