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Possible Duplicate:
Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use?

I need to develop a multi-language site which includes simple webshop functionality. I have extended experience with WordPress. There are numerous shopping cart plugins available for WordPress however none of them is compatible with multi-language plugins such as WMPL.

Drupal is an option I looked into (using i18n and Ubercart) and I am not sure this is the solution I am looking for.

Another solution I considered is to develop a custom WordPress cart plugin that is compatible with WPML. Anyone familiar with this situation? Any recommendation regarding CMSes that fit my needs? Thanks!

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I've not tried it but I believe Magento has pretty robust language and currency support. I would suggest going with a CMS that is designed with eCommerce in mind rather then trying to get an eCommerce solution out of one that isn't designed for it. (It's possible to get a good webshop out of WordPress or Drupal many do but imho it's better to start with an eCommerce base if you want an eCommerce site).

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We are WPML's developers. We're using Shopp plugin (http://shopplugin.net ) and have plans to work with Shopp authors very soon to make it multilingual-ready.

WP E-Commerce will follow soon.

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You don't mention what platform... I can vouch for nopCommerce if you're looking at .NET


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