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I read somewhere that a registration form has to have some sort of notification about the storing of their info, is this true? If so, where can I find those rules?

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If this is in the general case you may be referring to your countries equivalent of the Data Protection Act (which we have in the UK). It depends on the type of information you are holding and your jurisdiction. It generally only applies to details such as medical or financial ones. I don't know of any jurisdiction where email addresses, names and the like must be given the same protections.

If you're working in the Netherlands have a look at this.

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amitywebsolutions.co.uk has a summary covering "Legal Requirements for Your Website" (UK/EU regulations)

  • Company Information
  • Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act
  • The Data Protection Act
  • Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations
  • Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive)
  • The EU Anti Spam Laws

... and for the UK, the Information Commissioner's Office have published further guidance.

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